Advice and sale

  1. I can come to your stables and bring several testing saddles. On site I can assess the saddle area and muscular situation of your horse and give advice on suitable saddle models. The horse´s health must always be paramount. We can discuss your wishes for a new saddle and you have the opportunity to try out different models on your horse. Together we can find out, which saddle suits you and your horse best. Then you can decide which saddles you would like to test. Testing for one week is cost-free. Travel expenses for me coming to your stable: beginning at 80 € plus portage costs for sending back the test saddles.
  2. When you have made your decision, we will discuss all the details about your new saddle. You can choose the colours of leather and seaming as well as the leather of the seating area – nubuck (fine bucksin leather) or nappa (smooth leather). We can talk about the hardware (stainless steel or brass) and a lot of other details. After that it will take 10 - 12 weeks until your individually selected saddle is ready for you.
  3. I will bring your new saddle to your stable and customize the flocking in the panels for your horse. To be able to work, a dry room with a table is necessary. After the customized flocking you can ride the saddle on your horse and we will check the fitting during and after. This service cost 50 € extra.
  4. A few months later (usually 3 - 6 months) I will revisit you at your stables and re-check the fitting of the saddle. This service will only cost the travel expenses (beginning at 80 €).