El Campo Bordertooling / Shorty El Campo Bordertooling / Shorty

El Campo Bordertooling / Shorty

Being structural identical to the El Campo with hardware decoration, this model has beautiful additional border tooling. The tooling on the saddle flap gives this saddle an extraordinary and individual look.

Saddle tree:

Ultra-Flex-tree with completely adjustable gullet width

Saddlel leather:

smooth, high-quality vegetable tanned leather

Seat leather:

nappa or nubuck leather available


stainless steel or brass


approximately 8 kg

Saddle length El Campo Bordertooling:

approximately 53 cm

Saddle length El Campo Bordertooling Shorty:

approximately 47 cm

Length of saddle flap:

52/54 cm


velcro knee blocks, border tooling

Base price:

beginning at 2.848 €