About me

For 20 years I have been working as a riding instructor – educating horses and riders in the art of riding – and as an authorized saddle dealer for Deuber und Partner. Both the education of horse and rider as well as the accuracy of the saddle fitting have great impact on the horse´s health and well-being. The saddle is very important for the connection between the rider and his horse. Only with a well-fitting saddle a harmonic unity between both can be achieved. Due to my experience as an instructor as well as a saddle dealer you are able to benefit from my expertise in both areas when choosing and fitting a suitable saddle for you and your horse.

Unique sitting comfort in the Baroque saddles

The seating surface is ergonomically designed for women, though the seat is also very comfortable for men.

Adjustable gullet iron

Every model has a continuously adjustable gullet system. You are able to change it yourself. The gullet width can be adjusted very precisely. This makes your saddle adaptable to the withers area of your horse at all times. Whether your horse develops more muscles or gains weight during summertime – this saddle goes along with all changes.

Choose your saddle tree

The leather tree enables a great flexibility and feels like bare back riding. The Ultra Flex tree gives the rider more support and is still flexible to feel the horse movements.

Special formed contact surface

With all Baroque models the contact surface of the panels is shaped in a U-form. This ensures an optimum distribution of weight.